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#112353 - 07/10/10 11:40 PM Re: Welcome [Re: EliYah]
William Hood Offline
Newly Registered User

Registered: 07/10/10
Posts: 2
Loc: British Columbia, CANADA
Thanks Tom for all you and your family do. Praise Yahweh!

I have always been grateful, thankful to YHWH for your guidance to the discovery of the truth of the Scriptures.

A nominal Christian who is really searching for the truth cannot help but be arrested by a visit to your website as I was. It is quite a relief to unravel the confusion the scriptures present to a newbee.

Sheila and I have been engaged in spreading The Word in the Philippines [Negros island] for 5 years. We will continue, but now we will concentrate our efforts locally here in; Penticton, BC Canada, where there are so few poor in riches, yet many poor in the knowledge of the truth.

I really like your video format; can't wait to have a DVD of the songs with lyrics and the video images Kolayah has produced; the ones we hear at the beginning of your Sabbath meetings. I am sure the publishing of DVDs will become a valuable addition to Kingdom Building.

WillseeYah smile

#112354 - 07/11/10 12:19 AM Re: Welcome [Re: EliYah]

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#112356 - 07/11/10 04:55 AM Re: Welcome [Re: EliYah]
EliYah Administrator Offline
Veteran User

Registered: 07/19/98
Posts: 670
Loc: Near Springfield, MO USA
Thanks everyone for your support and for your efforts to serve the body of Messiah.

For those of you who have decided to pursue a specific area of ministry, please make a separate post with the title of the work you are being called to do in the subject line. Then others who want to be a part of it or who would have need of your service to the body would be able to converse with you on that thread. You are free to post any website information or other contact information as well.

I'm praying that this will snowball and we'll have a large number of ministries listed here covering the fullness of Yahweh's gifts and callings.

Your fellow servant,


#112357 - 07/11/10 05:14 AM Re: Welcome [Re: EliYah]
BalibamYahu Offline
Newly Registered User

Registered: 07/11/10
Posts: 2
Loc: Scattered among the nations.
I too am down for the cause brother. My ministry has been through music to the youth. But my outreach is to anyone willing to listen and i look forward to integrating with other ministries in the body. Blessings and Shalom to all the brethren on this forum.
Your servant in YAHUWAH,

#112367 - 07/15/10 02:05 AM Re: Welcome [Re: MarkUW]

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#112369 - 07/16/10 10:54 AM Re: Welcome [Re: cynthiYah]
jeff1 Offline
Registered User

Registered: 07/16/10
Posts: 12
John 13:35
"By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

Just joined the forum - but have been on line for several months. Had the privilege of witnessing with EliYah & family a couple weeks ago here in Miami Beach. It was a moving experience. Copied his business card and made tzitzits - that had been on my mind for some time. Don't know if I did it right, but no complaints. My background is JW - but I was baptized by their predecessors a few years ago - which I believe valid -(according to Matt 28:19). At any rate if I can be of any assistance in that regard - I'd be pleased -

Shabbat Shalom,blush


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Romans 8:29-30 AMP - "For those whom He foreknew....He also called; and those whom He called, He also justified (acquitted, made righteous, putting them into right standing with Himself)...."

#112371 - 07/17/10 06:05 AM Re: Welcome [Re: jeff1]
ziporah3 Offline
Registered User

Registered: 08/06/07
Posts: 47
Loc: Cisco, Tx
I praise YHWH for the things I see here. It is time for us to stand up and do the things we know that we are suppose to do for Yah. Time is short!! HALLELUYAH smile

#112377 - 07/20/10 08:17 PM Re: Welcome [Re: EliYah]
Sojourners Offline
Veteran User*

Registered: 11/11/03
Posts: 1189
Loc: Mansfield, MO
Welcome back Achi! smile

Thanking YHWH for this place, good to see the forum open again. May all be done here to the glory and honor of YHWH and may all who come see Yahushua in us, HE the head, we the body. One in YHWH.

blessings and love to all,
The greatest is LOVE.

#112563 - 11/06/10 07:04 AM Re: Welcome [Re: Sojourners]
AbrahamIC Offline
Newly Registered User

Registered: 10/30/10
Posts: 2
Shalom Shabath EliYAH + also Sojourner!

Yes, it is good to see you back in operation EliYAH. I hope that the spirit of peace and goodwill will prevail, for you have no obligation or reason to accommodate the lower natures of Adumkind, as sadly happened last time.

I wonder why my posting on the 30/10/10 "The Mystery of YHWH Unveiled" has been removed from "Kingdom Building," and is seemingly only available by clicking on 'Newest Members' AbrahamIC > Profile > my stuff > posts. The article appears there, + is listed as being in the "Scripture Discussion Forum." If I click that, it says "Access Denied."

Am I the only one stuck in this closet? And if so, WHY?
Perhaps I've misjudged the way to find my posting?
Please explain?

Good to "see" you again "sojourner." If you'd like to contact me, I'm at I would love to share with you some really wonderful things I have found in the scriptures.

YAHusho's wisdom + understanding be with you, Abraham Cox NZ.

#112618 - 12/05/10 12:09 AM Re: Welcome [Re: NatsarimofYah]
ElElyown Offline
Newly Registered User

Registered: 12/04/10
Posts: 1
Is it possible to get a couple sets of tassels made? Thanks!


#112625 - 12/08/10 05:31 AM Re: Welcome [Re: ElElyown]
rainbow Offline
Experienced User

Registered: 12/01/10
Posts: 69
Loc: New Hampshire
Hello. I just learned how to make them yesterday, I would be glad to make you a couple sets, where would I send them when finished? I'd be glad to help!!

#112699 - 01/21/11 11:48 AM Re: Welcome (Yahuwah & Yahushua Love) [Re: EliYah]
7Heaven Offline
Newly Registered User

Registered: 01/20/11
Posts: 1
Loc: new orleans, la
Hello,children Yahuwah ... Im new aboard and still trying to find my way ....

#113286 - 01/27/12 10:04 PM Re: Welcome [Re: EliYah]
aleph-tav man Offline
Newly Registered User

Registered: 01/27/12
Posts: 2
all you have stated is accurate thank you for helping to open the eyes to the power of calling upon the name of YAHSHUAH MESSIAH

#113380 - 03/28/12 11:37 PM Re: Welcome [Re: NatsarimofYah]
bdc Offline
Newly Registered User

Registered: 03/28/12
Posts: 3
Loc: PA

Please let me know the cost of 4 with the blue woven in. If that is OK, I will email you my address.

My email address is STEVEGNGR715@AOL.COM

Thanks be to Father!

Steve G
PSALMS 27 and Mark 13

#113527 - 07/11/12 12:20 PM Re: Welcome [Re: EliYah]
hollysurly Offline
Newly Registered User

Registered: 07/11/12
Posts: 2
Hello everyone,

I am the newest member here and just wanted to drop by and introduce myself.

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