Hi everyone,

Many of us want to teach our children at home-school, but don't know where to start. We started with phonics, and it will grow from there. The question was, what program do we use?

We were listening to Alex Jones one day, and a lady came on as a caller and talked about a few things going on in the world. She then started talking about one of the things we can do to help protect our children from all the misinformation and deception floating around. Which is namely, to teach our children phonics! I got pretty excited that she compiled a system where you as a parent are trained in how to teach phonics. So I bought the program, my wife was skeptical, we tried it and we were both amazed.

It's been a little over a year since we've been teaching phonics and our 5 year old boy can read some pretty impressive stuff. Thing is, it's not something special in him, it's the program and the way it's laid out. Check out chehchangho's youtube channel for a demo reading session on Curious George, and also The Battle of Jericho. I provided a link to the program in the "more info" section.