My cousin, Sonja, and I recently started HarvestMag--a free, online quarterly magazine. Both of us have had a great desire to start our own magazine for several years, but it wasn’t until September 2012 that the desire sprouted into reality. HarvestMag began one weekend with nothing more than a passion fueled by the Father and two young people desiring to further His kingdom. We were blessed with amazing support and input from our families, and after many 3 hour phone calls and Skype sessions, HarvestMag began to take shape.

There were several reasons we wanted to start a magazine. The biggest and most important reason is that we just didn’t believe there were any “Messianic” youth magazines which spoke about the real life issues facing today’s youth. The youth of today, just like all youth in previous generations, are not interested in having beliefs and Biblical standards “spoon-fed” to them. We believe young people like ourselves mature much faster and are more capable of a deeper understanding of the Scriptures than our society gives us credit for. We also believe that one of our greatest strengths as young people is that we are always seeking the truth and challenging things that are told to us. However, without a solid foundation and a strong faith, there is no reason for young people to set the insight they gain on Saturday (Shabbat) as a guiding standard for the rest of the week. This leads us to our mission.

If you have any youth whom would be interested, please share! We need more young people stepping up to reality and seeking Yahweh's Kingdom.

If you are unable to view the issues, let us know, and we'll try to resolve the situation. Currently, the magazine is only online, but we'd love to have it in print one day.

Yah bless,