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#115433 - 01/30/16 10:53 PM Kingdom Building by Abiding in the Vine
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I have not posted here for awile...It looks like the forum has changed a lot since the 90's...I was browsing Google search and a post from Eliyah's forum popped up today so I visited for the first time in awhile....

I am not sure if my post in the kingdom Building section is 100% compatible with modern day kingdom building understanding...but in case it is helpful to some I will share my 2 cents of what the common link/root/source/starting point of all true Kingdom Building ministries is.

I think there is a fine line between genuine kingdom building vs mere humanitarian work just as there is a fine line between being spiritual vs being moral/ethical...being genuinely holy vs self righteousness....full of the Spirit vs full of self and ulterior motives desiring the praise of men.

Kingdom building starts with our relationship with God through Mashiach so that any holiness or morality that shows up in our life is a fruit from abiding in the Vine, not of works of self righteousness where we merely read a list of rules from a book and use our emotion and willpower to imitate and create a replica of what we merely read. This we can do from the energy of the flesh as any religion or philosophy can imitate their own rules, ethics, moral codes, and customs down to the letter without Yeshua's help.

But when it results from abiding in the Vine it makes all the difference and we are helping in the process of manifesting an everlasting kingdom where dwells righteousness.

And so our part for kingdom building is none other then doing our part by abiding in the Vine so His Sap can cleanse and purify us, and flow through us (collectively) to our particular ministry - whether feeding the hungry, helping the elderly or homeless, visiting the prisoners, healing, evangelizing, writing, ....preaching in the power of the Spirit to those who are receptive in faith to His those who have eyes to see and ears to hear...But to others it is mere parables and a mystery...until their eyes are opened......

As for things like "abiding in the Vine", "walking in the Spirit so you don't fulfill the lusts of the flesh", "not laying up treasure on earth", "loving God more the family and friends" and so on.....This forum no longer allows such discussions so seek Elohiym for the true understanding...that is all the contact information you need (that even spam bots can't pick up).

Basically I think everyone finds a belief or custom they are comfortable with and don't want change anything in their understanding (for the time being at least) until the time comes when their ground is loosened and fertile, and the Light shines and reaches the mustard seed of the Kingdom planted in their heart (from which same seed springs faith, hope, love, obedience, righteousness etc.) which same seed is like leaven that begins to leaven up their heart to everlasting life as their awareness of the kingdom grows and manifests through them...bringing thanks/relief from some, and persecution from others....but their reward will be in heaven since it is Yeshua the Vine performing works of righteousness through them as they in loving obedience to His Spirit choose to obey and follow Him.....

But if right now you are content with a mere semblance and imitation of these things...that has its part...but it is not the end of the road...remain humble and receptive and the ground will be shaken so the everlasting kingdom can manifest which will never be shaken...

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#115442 - 05/27/16 11:16 PM Re: Kingdom Building by Abiding in the Vine [Re: Ed]
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Thanks for your insight Ed on Kingdom Building. This forum is more about sharing what ministry you are doing so others are aware of it (e.g. if you were someone who had a prayer ministry you coordinate or an orphanage you manage, etc.). That way other believers can become familiar with ministries that can either help them, help others, or that they might be able to work with in order to further the Kingdom & do good, etc.. Hope that helps to understand this Kingdom building forum better.

Shalom and blessings to you and your home.
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