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Name or Organization name : 1
Description : 1
San Francisco, Albania
Name or Organization name : Shane fuller
Description : I have found the narrow path.Im ashamed it has taken me so long (Im 42), but Im greatfull to our Heavenly Father for the understanding & wisdom He has given me.I need to ......
Hico, Texas, United States
God times daily
Name or Organization name : Bill105! Jackson
Description : I believe in the God and Father Yahweh, the beloved Son Yahashua AMessiah and the Holy Spirit! whom is the power that worketh in us that believe as Yahshua only Believers......
Rochelle, Illinois, United States
Looking for fellowship & love
Name or Organization name : Shalom...
Moore, Oklahoma, United States
Friends of Yeshua Messiah
Name or Organization name : Marvin R. Paulus Augustinus
Description : Seeking the Truth
Bacolod City, International, Philippines
Seeking Lunar Sabbath Keepers
Name or Organization name : Bertoldo
Description : We observe ALL the appointed times-including Sabbath-by the moon. Gen 1:14, Psalm 104:19, Lev 23:1-4. We observe Sabbath on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of the moon/mont......
Kenai, Alaska, United States
Shalom to those who love Yahwah
Name or Organization name : Stan Presley
Description : Believers in Yahwah thru our redeemer Yahushua- desiring to walk in covenant with Yah and fellow believers.
Forsyth, Missouri, United States
Seeking fellow seekers of TRUTH to Fellowship with
Name or Organization name : Watchmen of YHWH
Description : According to YHWH's word, we believe that we are WATCHMEN. Our aim is to provide a central repository of information for those who seek to return to ancient paths (Yi......
Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States
Seeking fellowship
Name or Organization name : COY in B.C. Canada
Description : Matthew 5 & 6. Exodus 20. Etc.
Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
Sabbath Fellowship
Name or Organization name : Donna Price
Description : We meet in a home in the downtown area of Conroe, TX every Sabbath to study Torah, to worship and praise Yahweh and Yahshua, to fellowship with like believers and break b......
Montgomery, Texas, United States
Looking for fellowship
Name or Organization name : Darryl
Description : i know who my father is YAH AND HIS ANOITED ONE YAHSHUA. PRASIE HIS HOLY NAME
Zion, Illinois, United States
I slept 33yrs
Name or Organization name : Will
Description : Seeking Israel, self study
Bremerton , Washington, United States
Name or Organization name : Shekinah ministries
Description : i am a believer in the Sacred names of yahshua and yahweh.i am a nazarine israelite believer of the two stick doctrine.i am looking for others of like mind to share my i......
OOLTEWAH, Tennessee, United States
Name or Organization name : Eliyahu Yeshua
Description : I am a lifelong studier of the holy scriptures, and I claim the spiritual heritage of the the Holy one of Israel, the El'shaddai Yahweh.
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Believers welcome for Fellowship & Sabbath Service
Name or Organization name : Ron Cowart
Description : The wife and I were baptized into the faith of Yahushua after contacting Brother Eliyah in 2007. Our code of conduct is based upon the teachings of the scriptures from Ge......
Elgin, South Carolina, United States
Doctor minister
Name or Organization name : Non profit Assoc La Carpio
Description : Doctor & minister looking for fellowship possibly start a new group wanting to serve Yahweh the best I can.
San jose, International, Costa Rica
YhWh is God Yahshuah is the WaY
Name or Organization name : Seeking For Right Place
Description : Previously, I did not Understand YHWHs' call, but after repenting of my Sins...I understood. I believe in everything your site informs of. With a New Spirit, and delving ......
Queens , New York, United States
Contact for Fellowship
Name or Organization name : Rosie Hill
Description : The Holy Bible. A woman of Yahweh 22 years.
Chester Cheshire, International, United Kingdom
Searching for people who have no place to worship
Name or Organization name : Eli
Description : I have studied years ago... Work eat breathed the word... Rise at 4 write the book of Hebrew atonement... Working to restore my faith and works daily practice... Looking ......
Richmond, Virginia, United States
All glory to Yahushua ja mashiaj!
Name or Organization name : Maria
Description : We are a small group of brothers and sisters about 18 of us. We separated from this world believing in the false name of jesuschrist until The Allmighty YAHWEH gave us th......
Avondale, Arizona, United States
Hebraic Roots Messianic Fellowship
Name or Organization name : Whidbey Island Messianic Fellowship
Description : We are a Torah observant believers looking for others who wish to walk in the ways of YWYH. We Observe all the feasts meet on Erev Shabbat and Shabbat Come join us
Oak Harbor, Washington, United States
Children of YHWH
Name or Organization name : Children of Yahweh
Description : The Children of YHWH is simply a group of believers in the Elohim(God) of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. YAHUEH(YHWH)is his name forever(Psalm 68:4; Isaih 42:8; Jer 16:21;Exo......
Sherman, Texas, United States
Radio Online
Name or Organization name : Radio Shofar. Org
Description : 24 Horas continuas bendiciendo tu vida con musica y mensaje que tocan tu corazon.
En Radio Shofar oiras mensajes, testimonio, estudios, conferencias, musica y la Voz d......
Hackensack, New Jersey, United States

Description :
RUMFORD, Maine, United States
New Covenanat Assembly In Yahshua
Name or Organization name : Clay and Shannon Greene
Description : We believe the Holy Scripture to be the revealed word of YAHWEH(The father) to man kind. We believe that all scripture is to be interpreted as a complete volume, Old and ......
Hampton, Tennessee, United States

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