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Name or Organization name : India scott
Description : I believe Yahweh is the most high God and Yahushua is the messiah who died for our sins.
Little rock, Arkansas, United States
Searching for others to fellowship with

Description : Apostolic
Marianna, Arkansas, United States
Seeking F. of T. Fellowship for this autumn
Name or Organization name : Zion East Gate
Description : Desire and do keep feast days and 7th day sabbath. the blood of Yahushuah is for the cleansing of my......
Camp, Arkansas, United States
Berit Olam
Name or Organization name : Berit Olam
Description : Berit Olam, which means everlasting covenant, is a Messianic Fellowship that believes that Jesus is ......
Springdale, Arkansas, United States
Bible Worker, Christian Singer
Name or Organization name : Isabel Kane
Description : I believe in YHWH to be the Only God, that Jehoshua is the same YHWH as well as The holy spirit is......
Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States
Bobbi Sue Zimmer

Description : Guarding Torah to the best of my YAH given ability and know I have SO much more to learn. Been on my......
Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Name or Organization name : Sarena peace
Description : I believe we have been grafted into Israel and have the delight of obey Yahweh\'s laws and enjoying ......
Stephens, Arkansas, United States
Invatation to fellowship
Name or Organization name : Sharon Kaster
Description : I am new to Torah and Yahweh has led me to a place to Worship that I feel led to be and every teachi......
Yellville, Arkansas, United States
Hebraic perspective
Name or Organization name : Shiloh Messianic Fellowship
Description : During the Jesus movement, in Germany was saved and baptised 1973, later on came into understand of ......
Arkansas City, Arkansas, United States
Listing of Sabbath Meetings
Name or Organization name : Assembly of Yahweh, Search the Scriptures Ministry
Description : Go to web site and click on "Statement of Beliefs"
Associated with Worldwide COG 23 yrs......
Clarksville, Arkansas, United States
NWA Israelites Following The Way
Name or Organization name : Fletch
Description : We believe the Torah/Law to be the instructions as given by Father Yahweh, to still be in affect tod......
Northwest Arkansas, Arkansas, United States
Looking for fellowship

Description : Shalom,
I have been keeping Torah, clean food laws, the Feast days, and wearing the tzit tzits fo......
Desha, Arkansas, United States
Name or Organization name : Olive Tree Fellowship
Description : Believe: it is the KNOWLEDGE of the truth of YHVH's word that sets His people, Jew and Gentile, free......
Eureka Springs, Arkansas, United States
Ephraim awakened in me
Name or Organization name : David
Description : I believe in salvation through Yeshua HaMashiach alone who is one being with the Father Yahweh. The ......
Bella Vista, Arkansas, United States
Looking for fellowship
Name or Organization name : James hunt
Description : i beleive in keeping the law of yahweh. i am searcher of truth. i am looking for friends to help me ......
Searcy, Arkansas, United States
Lookin For People My Age
Name or Organization name : Kaitlen
Description : I was raised into a Penticostal backgroud for 9yrs untill my Nanna realized that Saturday was the tr......
Eastern Arkansas, Arkansas, United States
Seeking fellow believers for fellowship
Name or Organization name : Willie Brown, pastor God Cares We Care House of Prayer Sabbath
Description : We believe that Yahweh is correct name for our saviour. We believe that we are at the end of times a......
Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Looking for fellowship and Haven
Name or Organization name : Believer
Description : My faith is in the One Elohim Yahweh, I believe in his death burial, and ressurections of Yahshuah H......
Rogers , Arkansas, United States
Nazarene Yisrael Assembly in Marianna, AR
Name or Organization name : Nazarene
Description : Once an ordained minister for a oneness pentecostal organization, pastored, etc; for over ten years,......
Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States
YHWH House of Prayer a ministry of OCF
Name or Organization name : YHWH House of Prayer, a ministry of OCF
Description : Established restored name and feast keeping congregation. More Hebrew roots than messianic Jewish, b......
Mountain Home, Arkansas, United States
Messianic Male looking for the Children of Yisrael
Name or Organization name : Steven D. Owen
Description : I grew up in the baptist church, but YHWH didn't give up on me. When I was sixteen, I cursed him, so......
Summit, Arkansas, United States
Harrison AR
Name or Organization name : Jeremiah
Description : Grew up in COG7 Day Church. Digging deeper into the roots of my faith. Want to make aliyah. Looking ......
Jasper, Arkansas, United States
Shofar Mountain
Name or Organization name : Shofar Mountain
Description : We are a community of believers in NW Arkansas seeking to live as YHWH intends us to and as He spell......
Northwest, Arkansas, United States
Torah Community in Western Arkansas
Name or Organization name : Beit Yeshua Torah Assembly
Description : We are a group of believers in Fort Smith who follow Torah, have faith in Yeshua as Messiah, and stu......
Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States
Fellow seeker

Description : Raised as a Jehovah's Witness, 30 years, left 15 yrs ago and still seeking in a group what I believe......
Bella Vista, Arkansas, United States

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