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God times daily
Name or Organization name : Bill105! Jackson
Description : I believe in the God and Father Yahweh, the beloved Son Yahashua AMessiah and the Holy Spirit! whom ......
Rochelle, Illinois, United States
Looking for fellowship
Name or Organization name : Darryl
Description : i know who my father is YAH AND HIS ANOITED ONE YAHSHUA. PRASIE HIS HOLY NAME
Zion, Illinois, United States
Looking for fellow bible study groupies

Description : Been in various Baptist/Protestant churches since 1987. Not attending a church now. Believe in elect......
Saint charles, Illinois, United States
Like minded believer

Description : Would love to find other believers! I was raised catholic but GOD called me out and I am still seeki......
Palatine, Illinois, United States
Seeking fellowship
Name or Organization name : Charles Ballard
Description : My friend and I are seeking fellowship with other believers in the Northwest Indiana and Southern Su......
Northwest (Portage) Indiana, Illinois, United States
Praise Yahweh
Name or Organization name : Carolyn manning
Description : I believe in Yahweh and Yashua
These are the true names of worship
Madison, Illinois, United States
Yahweh in Chicago!
Name or Organization name : Congregation of Yahweh
Description : Shalom brothers and sisters! Congregation of Yahweh is currently active in the city of Chicago, and ......
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Fellowship Finder
Name or Organization name : Ray Hunt
Description : I have recently been guided to the spiritual path of seeking the truth. I am interested in fellowshi......
Richton Park, Illinois, United States
Beit Midrash Tefillah Hallel Congregation
Name or Organization name : Deborahs Messianic Ministries
Description : We are a Spirit Filled Messianic Jewish Congregation in the Chicago area. Location is 4413 Roosevelt......
Westchester, Illinois, United States
Metropolis Illinois
Name or Organization name : Danny R Staton
Description : Been walking a renewed life since 1981. Continually learning and growing. Have come to understand th......
Metropolis, Illinois, United States
Name or Organization name : HALLA LU YAH HOUSE OF PRAYER
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Name or Organization name : Jose and Maricela Ayala
Description : Small group of 7, meeting at my apartment getting together for shabbat and all moed feasts.member of......
Park Ridge, Illinois, United States
Everlasting Life Ministries For Christ
Name or Organization name : Everlasting Life Ministries For Christ Elder Howard Bills Shepherd
Description : We believe in following the Will of Yahweh as it is written in the Bible. We follow all the teaching......
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Fear God and give glory to Him.
Name or Organization name : IAUA End Time Ministry
Description : I am a Seventh-Day Adventist who has learned that the Law of Moses was not done away at the cross. I......
Thompsonville, Illinois, United States
Name or Organization name : Mount Sion
Description : We at Mount Sion Have a Conference Line every Mid-week ( Wednesday )7:00 pm Central Time. But Not Do......
Markham , Illinois, United States
Scattered family
Markham, Illinois, United States
Finding fellow believers
Name or Organization name : Fay data
LaSalle, Illinois, United States
Judeo/Christian Shabbat Services
Name or Organization name : Gates
Description : We are a Judeo/Christian outreach center. We our looking for people in our area to fellowship with. ......
Pontiac, Illinois, United States
Name or Organization name : Eve Muse
Description : True Kabbalah student.I'am a Messianic Hebrew.
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Information and guidance
Name or Organization name : Jason m. douglass
Description : I'm looking for guidance and a better understanding of the true word of YAHWEH!I need to find out wh......
St. Charles, Illinois, United States

Description : I believe in the true Hebrew Names of the TRIUNITY: ABBA YAHUWAH, IMAYAH RUACH HAKADOSHAH, AND SON Y......
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Let the word find His elect
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Seek Local Other Yahushuw\'a Believers forGathering
Name or Organization name : H.O.P.E. Ministries
Description : Over the years I have been torn in churches that keep repeating the incorrect names of our Lord. My ......
Moline, Illinois, United States
Seeking Guidance and Fellowship per Titus 2:4
Name or Organization name : Erika Young
Description : I am being exposed to the truth by the grace of Elohim. I seek a fellowship with believers to help m......
Joliet, Illinois, United States
Love for Yisrael
Name or Organization name : Sarah Bamburac
Description : Shalom!
WE are family of three looking to find other believers in Yahweh and Yahshua to celebrate......
Joliet, Illinois, United States

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